29 unusual questions about engagement rings

unusual questions about engagement rings

They say there's no such thing as a stupid question. Well, we'll let you be the judge of that. We've hunted high and low for the weirdest, most wonderful and wackiest questions about engagement rings we could find.

OK, perhaps that's a little misleading. You'll actually find the answer to some very valid questions about engagement rings here - from strange superstitions, to crucial ring care and what to do if you lose it (heaven forbid!).We've split them in to categories so that you can skip to the questions most relevant to you.

Picking the perfect engagement ring

Where to buy an engagement ring

Engagement ring etiquette

Superstitions and old wive's tales


Caring for an engagement ring

Travelling with an engagement ring

Conflicting opinions

What if your engagement ring gets stolen?

Is it ok if...

Picking the perfect engagement ring

1. How do you to choose the dream engagement ring?

Picking out the perfect engagement ring can be more complex than you first think. Firstly, you need to find something that suits your hand and fashion style. But you also need to think about the type of metal you'd like. Not to mention that all-important rock. Remember that your engagement ring needs to sit with your wedding ring. 

Did you know that the metal you choose for your engagement ring needs to match your wedding ring? Otherwise they will tarnish each other. 

2. Looking for an engagement ring but haven't a clue where to start?

Let good old Google save the day. Try these searches...

  • Engagement ring ideas
  • Diamond ring
  • Rose gold rings
  • Platinum engagement ring
  • Antique rings 
  • Fashionable engagement rings
  • How to save money on an engagement ring

Where to buy an engagement ring

3. Where's the best place to get an engagement ring?

Most people still get their engagement rings from the high street. But increasingly, young (and old) lovers are buying them direct from online shops. Either to save money, or to find something more unique.

Some people combine choosing their ring with a holiday. Places like Dubai can be great if you're a fan of a beach break with a spot of sparkle  on the side. Engagement rings here are well known for being good value.

4. Should you buy your engagement ring online or on the high street?

This really comes down to personal preference. It's definitely easier to investigate rings in person. Not least because you can ask questions, try them on and really examine them... However if you're after value for money, the online shops are usually your best bet. 

Why not do some window shopping on the high street, then bag a bargain online? Or take an online price in to a high street store and see if they will match it. Then you get the best of both worlds. 

5. Should you by an engagement ring abroad?

This depends on where you want to go abroad. 

Dubai, Antwerp and Amsterdam are tried and trusted diamond destinations. If you do your research before you you go, you should be able to get a great deal on your diamonds. Lots of shops let you choose or design your ring before you go. 

BUT. Do watch out. You may also get ripped off. Remember, knowledge is power, so always do your research in advance.

6. Is there anywhere you shouldn't shop for your engagement ring?

There's no denying that buying your ring abroad may save you money. But do be wary.  For example, in South Africa, diamonds are often mined and sold to fund crime or wars. The cost price may be lower than at home, but the ethical price could be high. Insist on an official certificate from a gem lab if you buy a diamond here.

Wherever you shop, check the jeweller has a good reputation first. An unknown seller could be fake, or selling uncertified stones. 

Top tip: Wherever you buy your engagement ring, always get a Diamond Authenticity Certificate. These certificates are internationally recognised and come from the GCGI, HRD and IGI.

Engagement ring etiquette

7. Can any ring be an engagement ring? 

Absolutely! Some people get Haribo engagement rings. Although obviously these don't really last... Seriously, your engagement ring can look however you want it to.Fashions are always changing; so who knows; by picking something more unique, you may end up being a trendsetter.

8. Does my engagement ring have to have a diamond?

NO. NOPE. NO. As above, you can choose whatever you like. Diamonds are in vogue right now, but you don't have to follow the crowd. The choice is all yours (or your fiances).

9. How many carats should an engagement ring be?

There's no right or wrong answer - and of course this really comes down to your budget. The average carat size in the UK is 0.6, but remember you don't have to have a diamond. You could get a solitaire, a ruby, sapphire, emerald....

Average carat sizes worldwide...

  • USA :                1.0 Carat.            Average cost £4,567
  • Europe              0.5 Carat            Average cost £1,100
  • China                0.5 Carat            Average cost £1,500
  • UK                     0.6 Carat            Average cost £2,000

10. Can you redesign an engagement ring?

YES! You can. Make sure you're 100% certain that you definitely want to change it and you know exactly the design you'd like. Remember to check that your partner isn't offended.

11. What if you're not impressed that you've been given a second hand engagement ring.?

Justify your reason and they should be more than happy to exchange it. After all, an engagement ring is for life, not just your engagement. And it needs to be right.

Superstitions and old wive's tales 

12. Is it bad luck to let someone else try your engagement ring on?

How superstitious are you? Because the story goes, if you let someone else try your engagement ring on, they'll take away the good luck associated with it and you may not get married. Worth the risk?!

13. Is it bad luck to lose your engagement ring?

Some people believe that losing your engagement ring is unlucky, but there's no evidence of what bad luck will come your way. Advice if you do, is to get your partner to replace the ring as quickly as possible. Sounds like it could be good luck to us. Fancy an upgrade?!


14. If you're not impressed that you've been given a second hand engagement ring...

Justify your reason and they should be more than happy to exchange it. Afterall, an engagement ring is for life, not just your engagement. And it needs to be right.

15. Do engagement rings hold their value?

This really depends on the ring. The better quality your ring, and the more rare the stone, the more likely it is to hold its value.

Caring for an engagement ring

15. How do you protect and clean your engagement ring?

You're obviously going to want to show off your prized possession, so how do you look after it and keep it looking its best if you're going to wear it every day?

  1. Keep it clean. If it's from a high street jeweller, they will clean and polish it for you, for free. You can also clean it at home. Just soak it in some warm water with a little washing up liquid and scrub it gently with a soft brush - like a toothbrush.
  2. Don't wear it all the time. Things like swimming, DIY, or gardening are a little on the risky side.

16. Should you sleep with your ring on?

Advice is mixed. To keep your ring pristine and to avoid it getting caught in your hair or bed sheets, it's recommended that you take it off and put it in the same safe place each night.  

There are two reasons why some people disagree with removing your ring when you sleep. 

  1. You risk losing it
  2. It can be considered bad luck

17. Can you swim with your engagement ring on?

You can, but at your own risk. Cold water makes your fingers shrink which increases your chances of your cherished ring slipping off. If it does fall off, you have more chance of finding a needle in a haystack than ever getting your ring back.

18. Can you play sports with your engagement ring on?

To be on the safe side, it's best you don't wear your precious ring for sporting activities. Especially these:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Weight lifting
  • Boxing
  • Watersports
  • Gymnastics
  • Trampolining

19. Can you fix a damaged engagement ring?

You can indeed. And it shouldn't be too difficult. 

  • A gold or silver ring repair will just need soldering
  • Platinum rings are harder to damage as they are so hard-wearing, but if you do get a dent or scratch, it can usually be polished out.
  • Most chipped diamonds can be re-cut, although if they're small, they may need replacing
  • Prongs are the most common repair and these are easily replaced

20. Can you shower with your engagement ring on?

Yes you can. But just be careful the ring doesn't slip off (this is unlikely). Soap is best avoided as it can make the diamond go cloudy.

21. Does hand sanitiser ruin engagement rings?

A surprisingly common question! Excessive use of hand santiser can tarnish gold and silver, but it would take a long time. To be clean, or not to be clean... the choice is yours.

Travelling with an engagement ring

22. Can you wear an engagement ring through airport security? 

Yes you can! No matter how big your bling is. Some experts say you should put it in your carry-on bag just in case, but it should be ok.

Conflicting opinions

23. Can you have the same ring as your friend?

There's no official etiquette when it comes to engagement rings. The advice is to talk to your friend and kill her with compliments about how gorgeous her ring is. Say you're looking at the same style. Chances are, it's unlikely to be a one-off design and there will be hundreds of girls out there with something similar. Hopefully, she'll be flattered rather than furious.

24. Help! My mum wants to choose my engagement ring

You have our deepest sympathies.... Try to avoid this if you can. It's your ring, you'll be the one wearing it for the rest of your life. You need to be the one to love it, not your mum. No matter how well meaning she may be. 

25. My mum / dad/ friend doesn't think my ring was expensive enough

The best thing you can do is try not to rise to these sort of unhelpful comments. Tell them the ring is exactly what you wanted and that's what's most important. 

What if my engagement ring gets stolen? 

26. What if your engagement ring gets stolen? 

First things first, do you have it insured? If you do, then you're in luck. Get an incident report number from the police and then commence your claim with your insurance provider. If you have the receipt and any pictures of the ring, even better. 

Obviously a new ring won't have the same sentimental value as the original, but you can replace it with something pretty much identical. Or, you may like to pick something a bit different. 

If you didn't have insurance, sadly you're probably going to have to pay out for a new ring yourself. Do check your home insurance documents thoroughly in case you can claim for it under that. If you lost it at home, you might get lucky.

Is it ok to...

27. ...have more than one engagement ring?

A surprising number of people have two engagement rings. This is because partners often like to propose with a placeholder, and then shop for the perfect rock with their fiance later.

28. ...not to have an engagement ring?

Of course it is. If you don't like rings or jewellery, or simply don't want to confirm to tradition, that's totally up to you. Rings can be expensive, maybe you could get an engagement sofa, car or new TV instead?! Don't feel pressurised to have one, just because that's what society expects. 

29... want to upgrade my ring?

Yes. But think carefully before you tell your partner as they may be a little offended at first. Remember that you can always modify your existing ring, or put something from it into the new ring.

There are countless questions you can ask about engagement rings, but we hope we've answered the most relevant and / or useful for you.

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